Fringe – 4×21 “Brave New World Part 1”

Oh, the evil Fringe cliffhangers return. I wish I could say that I hadn’t watched this one soon after it aired, and that I had watched it closer to the time of posting this blog. I actually debated not watching it until the second half had aired, because I know how Fringe can be — alas, I didn’t actually wait, and have been waiting for this next episode like crazy. It’s almost here now!



Fringe 4×20 – “Worlds Apart”

First things first: fringe was renewed! Considering how unlikely this seemed even a few weeks ago, this news is ridiculously exciting. Mostly I am just glad that it will be able to have a proper ending, rather than ending this season and leaving everyone hanging. However this does mean that, in total, there are only 15 episodes of Fringe left to watch, ever, and that part makes me a bit sad! All my complaints about the recent episodes are relative, and I really do love this show quite a bit. Just saying.


Fringe 4×17 – “Everything In It’s Right Place” & Fringe 4×18 – “The Consultant”

Since I’m trying to catch up with what I was behind on posting (which I almost have!) without spamming this blog too much, I’m going to combine my thoughts on the last two Fringe episodes into one post. Besides which, this is a bit easier as I watched the two episodes together back-to-back, and also I honestly don’t have much to say about 4×17.


Fringe 4×16 – “Nothing As It Seems”

This episode did a wonderful job of highlighting exactly what my problems with the current storyline are. So in a way I’m glad that the writers are acknowledging these things, but in another way it almost makes it worse.

It’s like, look. I love Peter and Olivia. I love them a ridiculous amount, actually; my fangirly feelings every week reach epic proportions. However, I love this show for a lot more than just Peter and Olivia, and now it’s basically like saying that everything else I watched this show for is just gone. Peter and Walter have to completely rebuild their relationship…again…and watching the two of them truly become father and son over the past three years was one of the absolute best parts of the show.

Not that I didn’t love the ‘Happy Birthday!’ scene, because it was easily my favorite scene of the episode, but if this was Peter’s HOME that scene would never have happened, you know?

Olivia may have become Peter’s Olivia again, and I know the Observer said that she’s his Olivia and that he is home, but I’m sorry, it’s just not. Things are different — and not just things that Peter touched. Olivia’s sister is still married and has two kids? Really? How did Peter being erased effect that? This doesn’t feel like ‘home’ to me, it just feels like now there’s two people trapped there, and one version of Olivia being destroyed. I don’t want that Olivia to be destroyed, I just want our Olivia BACK. Our Olivia, with her memories and her experiences which actually happened, and aren’t just figments in her mind of a life she never actually lived.

Since it is being addressed in the show, I just hope the writers are going somewhere with it, and can come up with a way to satisfactorily fix it.